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Enter Arko , one in all Nayanika’s students, seeking tuition from her. Hailing from a dysfunctional family, Arko may be a lone hand and sometimes cowed by his classmates. Nayanika tries her bounds to groom him however gets entangled in associate affair with Arko instead. The plot takes a flip from there.

There’s nothing new in students falling crazy with their lecturers. For years, the subject has fascinated filmmakers everywhere. nearer home, in dominion Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker, we’ve seen Rishi Kapoor nursing a crush on his teacher Simi Garewal. Likewise, Arko too finds his ideal lady in Nayanika.


The film is fairly okay as way as its conceptualization and execution square measure involved. sadly, it falls short once it involves handling the student-teacher relationship. Rajdeep appearance his half as a keep stripling, UN agency adores his teacher and despises his mom’s sex.mukti full movie download hd. At an equivalent time he can’t ignore his raging hormones either.

Rituparna will a decent job — each as a married woman and a coach. There square measure many layers to her character. She is powerful in her own ways that however breaks down utterly once Sukalyan leaves her for Ronita (Monami Ghosh), associate histrion and additionally his associate. The fault but shows in her chemistry with Rajdeep, that comes across as a trifle ostentatious. for example the shower sequence. that has associate uncanny similitude to a scene from Stephen Daldry’s The Reader, fails to elicit the desired spark. Even her sex activity act with Rajdeep looks over the highest.hemlock society.

As for alternative performances, Dolon Roy as Arko’s mother is spectacular in a very bitter-sweet manner, whereas Ratna Ghoshal is just sensible as her ever-cribbing in-law.Shilajit as Sukalyan seems to be a natural on screen. His transformation from associate gung ho script-writer to a successful film maker is noteworthy.

mukti full movie download hd

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