Shob bhooturey (2014) full movie download hd

Shob bhooturey full movie download hd





Shob bhooturey,The factor concerning horror films is that they’ll either scare the living daylights out of you or prove to be damp squibs. Shob Bhooturey is neither; as a result of it’s not a horror film the least bit. It’s primarily a ‘ghost’ film — they appear to be everyplace and virtually everybody will see them — and in spite of appearance, AN lovable tale of some innocent schoolkids and their paper planes.



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Now that the elephant’s out of the space, let’s browse somewhat. First, the characters; and by action, Nandini — the creepiest of all of them. Sohini has done a very sensible job of giving United States of America the creeps along with her straight-faced unblinking stares and glares and people unruly locks. however her co-stars, Abir and Supriyo simply don’t feel that convincing,Shob bhooturey.



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Aniket, especially, may be a terribly poorly written character, UN agency doesn’t appear to own a clue what he extremely desires — unload his ancestral property, shut down his father’s magazine or become a ghost-hunter himself. And what has the property have to be compelled to do with the magazine? Can’t it simply be shifted to a replacement workplace if not closed? He’s forever in search of the desire, however once he finally finds it, he doesn’t do abundant. Moreover, the approach he finds it ought to have altered his perspective towards Nandini, however nothing changes. Abir, as AN actor, looks pretty casual in his approach to the character, that may be a bit out of character for AN actor like him.Shob bhooturey.




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Kripadhar adult male looks to be AN addition while not abundant of a reason, tho’ Supriyo tries his best to feature some lightweight moments. however once the character is unelaborated, there’s nothing AN actor will extremely boost it. That’s precisely the case with this character. It’s neither comic nor will it add abundant to the plot line, despite being AN intrinsic a part of it. On his half, Supriyo Dutta looks to own tried his best to play his half well.


It’s, however, very little International Development Association UN agency really offers Sohini a endure her cash once it involves creepiness. the tiny lady brings virtually a Ring-esque aura to the latter a part of the story. Her giant eyes and impassive stares add that itty-bitty little bit of horror to the ghost story. a very sensible job for somebody her age.



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The background score stays faithful the ‘horror’ jerks, however the ever-windy and ever-smoky backdrops hardly match up to the music. For god’s sake, however will there be billowing smoke at Aniket’s workplace once he’s talking to Nandini for the primary time? Is it imagined to air hearth or something? And why is it continually windy? No clue.

The bottomline? you’ll definitely watch Shob Bhooture. however if you would like to urge the jitters, higher watch one thing just like the Ring once more.Shob bhooturey.

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