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Khokababu is one “chalu cheez” and competently matches his “brain power” against Shankar’s  muscle power.khokababu full movie free download. From sweeping the possessive brother’s stunning sister,khokababu full movie download hd. Puja (Subhashree), off her feet, to marrying her privately, from keeping the union a secret to winning over adorer, Ajay  to his facet,khokababu full movie watch online. Khoka could be a master at his game. would like we tend to conjointly mention that the hero finally gets the lady, beats up the baddies and conjointly extracts jamai ador from the brother?

The story hardly breathes of originality tho’. It takes one back to the days of group action between 2 families, of blood, gore and revenge. If the primary [*fr1] is additional concerning Khoka’s show of wit and romanticism, the latter is wet with action and dance sequences, wherever songs keep doping up somewhat too oft for your comfort.

But what makes this ride one hell of associate degree somebody is apna Khokababu’s action, feeling and execution. Dev, the actor, or the “non-actor” as he claims to be, has performed to the simplest of his ability. however it might be nice to check him check totally different waters currently that he has already created a mark as an advertisement hero. And yes,khokababu full movie free download. Ferdous could be a welcome modification. He brings to the fore the various reminder sitar player. Subhashree’s wafer skinny figure appearance beautiful and rocking aboard Dev’s masculinity. Ashish, Locket, Partha Sarathi as Peto and Subhashish as Dhananjoy Khara give ready support to the plot and also the characters.
Rishi Chanda scores with the title track the maximum amount as he will with the “Khoka 420” range. Then there square measure, “Je deshe chena jana manush kono nai”, khokababu full movie download hd.“Soniye tu”, “Pyar Hindu deity jhatka”, to call some. The picturesque foreign locales and high-flying action (quite virtually so) keep the audience engaged.

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