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jackpot bengali full movie download hd.Kaushik Ganguly has hit the Jackpot in creating a moving-picture show which will charm to the sensibilities of the categories and therefore the plenty, in proving that a riveting tale will told within the business format, in establishing the actual fact that thought actors will create ‘magic’ once the script is actually the king.jackpot 2009 bengali movie download.
Kudos to the director for authorship a story that’s modern and nevertheless intense enough to the touch a chord in your heart. With dialogues that area unit hard and at identical time, lead one through a gamut of emotions, Jackpot is that the story of a journey. an enquiry undertaken by the four characters, Arko Mitra (Hiran), Dodo Karmakar (Rahul), Mithu Dutta (Sohini) and Piu Mukherjee (Koel) and their attainment of identical.jackpot 2009 bengali movie download.bengali movie jackpot.

It’s dead the sport. And taking part in for a Jackpot of 1 large integer area unit 2 friends, Arko and Dodo. they’re within the finals and therefore the condition is that they need to stay to a profession for 3 days at the tip of that, supported their performance, the winner gets it all. Disguised in their new avatars of a agency driver Arko currently becomes Jackie Gomes and Dodo turns into a constable Paltan Mittir aka Poltu. By a twist of fate Arko and Piu meet and their lives or rather their journeys get tangled. Dodo, on the opposite hand,jackpot bengali movie watch online. finds love in his fellow constable Mithu. What started as a game slowly engulfs the four into a windstorm of action and drama. Not all is fun and games once it’s disclosed that Piu is on the run and is mistreatment Arko as a way to her destination and Dodo, Mithu and OC (Biswajit) area unit on their path.jackpot full movie download hd.

As the characters path on the luxurious greeneries and numerous locales of Bolpur, Raigang, Gorumara, Gorubathan and Rishabh except for city, the audience too gets into the passenger’s seat and lets the director guide them thorough a visit of secured fun and journey. this is often maybe one amongst those few ventures wherever you would like the bisram to finish quick in order that the climax is justly open. And Ganguly does not bilk.cockpit

While the complete team of Jackpot deservs credit for his or her very good execution, it is time we tend to conjointly acknowledged the unsung heroes. And Subhrajit deservs all credit for doing justice to the responsibility of soundtrack for Hiran.jackpot bengali movie watch online.jackpot.

For those that felt that Ganguly was all concerning serious problems, purchase moving-picture show tickets for his latest churnout such you do not regret missing out on a jackpot of diversion.jackpot bengali full movie download hd.

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