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Dujone” is that the romance of Akash and Meghna. Akash is that the solely son of businessman Pratap Chowdhury, United Nations agency is therefore busy in his business that finds no time for his son. the sole friend of Akash at his house their servant Monohar Kaku. In school he falls gaga with Meghna, United Nations agency was the female offspring of a fish-businessman.dujone full movie watch online. Her Pishi was a nightmare, she detested love and will even beat men. However,dujone bengali movie download hd. each Meghna’s and Akash’s families came to understand regarding their relationship, each families opposed. businessman Pratap Chowdhury told Akash that he would marry Mrs. subunit and he needs Akash to induce married to Mrs.dujone bengali movie hd. Sen’s female offspring Tina. Mr. Chowdhury was furious to listen to that so he sent police to beat Meghna’s father. Now, the commissioner urged told the lovers that if they’d complete their studies and still love one another then their parent would settle for their relationship however the condition is that until then they may not meet. each of them agree. however the elders had some totally different plans. Akash’s father send him in Siliguri and created positive that he couldn’t withdraw and create any phone calls. Meghna’s father conjointly set to shift. however with the assistance of their friends and professors they somehow created a contact. Meghna leaves her home and visited Siliguri, on the opposite hand Akash escapes from that house and came to Calcutta. Akash’s father hires a goon to kill Meghna and Meghna’s familiy tries to kill Akash. However, each survived and boarded on train to came back, incidentally they met on a station. The goon employed by Akash’s father pursued them & ultimately Akash killed him. Then Akash talented the natural object of that goon to his father and familiar him that ensuing day he would marry Meghna. tho’ police reached the place however student stopped them and eventually Akash and Meghna got married.i love you bengali full movie download

dujone bengali movie hd

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