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aro ekbar full movie download.Who says women don’t observe friends? They fight, they bicker — however still you’ll realize them by your aspect after you want them most. whereas bromances in films square measure common lately,aro ekbar full movie watch online. debutant director Ariziet Halder primarily broaches on a rarely-traversed subject like bonding. and thru his 3 protagonists, Iraboti, Malobika and Jhumur, he dwells on different peripheral topics like ladies management, middle-age crisis, motherhood, wedding and what not.

Initially, we have a tendency to see Iraboti’s life revolving round her family — her husband Arindam (Debesh) and son, Arko (Shaheb). although she protests whenever her husband tries to impose his choices on her, Iraboti feels helpless within. Malobika, who’s currently a widow, returns to Kolkata from urban center together with her girl Avantika (Saayoni). once an opportunity meeting with Iraboti, the pair decides to seek for Jhumur. and that they do realize her in an exceedingly rather sorry state. once her divorce, Jhumur had taken to alcohol. a faculty teacher by profession, she currently leads a lonely life, with simply a cook by her aspect. Past experiences have turned her bitter. however at heart, she still yearns for love and friendly relationship.

Instead of living accommodations on the days lapsed, the 3 friends plan to begin anew. Iraboti musters courageousness to fight for her rights. She leaves home to form Associate in Nursing identity of her own. Jhumur provides up alcohol and that we see Malobika in an exceedingly happy house together with her girl. however no story is complete while not twist and turns, right? Eventually, all goodies return to Associate in Nursing finish. The 3 friends get entangled in an exceedingly wrangle over Malobika’s girl, United Nations agency gets pregnant with Arko’s kid. Avantika leaves home to remain with Jhumur. So, what happens next? will we see a shadow of Dil Aashna Hai here? Well, let’s leave that to the audience.khokababu full movie.

The film has its moments and manages to explore the relationships between 3 friends —highlighting the actual fact that ladies in their 40s will celebrate too. however Aro Ekbar still doesn’t meet the same old standards of excellent filmmaking — in terms of picture taking, direction or script. within the acting department, the younger actors provides a so much mature performance than the seniors, United Nations agency go OTT each currently or then. Saayoni and Shaheb square measure naturals and share a decent on-screen chemistry. The scenes wherever Avantika confronts Arko and once Arko finally involves meet Malobika square measure well dead.

Roopa Ganguly, the superb thespian she is, seems bored now and then. Rituparna and Indrani merely go together with the flow. The characters attempt too laborious to portray themselves as cool and happening, that come upon as to a small degree juvenile. we’d are comfortable while not their terpsichore around trees and exploding into song sequences. all the same, the 3 actresses look beautiful on screen. The male counterparts — Debesh and Ferdous — fill within the gaps by enjoying good foils.

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