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Aparajita Tumi  is that the story of a person torn between 2 ladies. It’s a story of woman|a girl} returning to terms with the very fact that the daddy of her 2 youngsters will and will have fondness for an additional lady. it’s the story of 5 lives, every fighting his/her own demons and attempting to exist peacefully in a very world that’s scarred by scabbed-over sensibilities.Aparajita Tumi.


in concert enters the lifetime of a solitary lady (Padmapriya) walking down the shore whereas looking through the pages of a book talented throughout the Second Coming of Christ of her former partner (Yusuf), one ponders the meanings that unfold from her line: “Relationships don’t seem to be regarding warranted labour.”

In terms of performances, Prosenjit comes up with a restrained and mature act. Combining a remarkable mix of vulnerability, sensitivity and someone with a glad eye, he comes across as a personality for whom life exists in areas that don’t seem to be outlined by water-tight compartments of right and wrong. Then, there’s Padmapriya. She internalizes her role and is all complete along with her yank accent and broken Bengali. Chandan is that the dark horse, World Health Organization surprises together with his queer mixture of pessimism, wit and Weltanschauung . Kamalinee, as Chandan’s married person and Prosenjit’s love interest, should precariously balance her act to retain the viewers’ fellow feeling. Indraneil Sultana Bibiana comes across as a pleasing surprise as Yusuf. He keeps it terribly unpretentious and nonetheless is sensible whereas saying: “Shomoy er sathe sathe mone lighter odhikar genus Gulo chole jaye”. whereas Soumitra Chatterjee’s guest look solely adds barely of yearning and curiosity worth, Tanusree sitar player as Padmapriya’s mother could be a good selection for the role.


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