ami je ke tomar full movie download hd 720p

ami je ke tomar full movie download hd 720p






ami je ke tomar,There square measure times once a remake will bit associate degree emotional chord despite obvious disregard for cultural and geographical variations between Bengal and also the film’s place of origin. Ami Je Ke Tomar is powerful proof of that.ami je ke tomar.


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It’s very an honest watch; associate degree emotional one, rather. It’s one in all those films that tend to the touch your romantic nerve and keep you pasted to your seat until the tip. Hats off to the script for that.


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The trio of Nusrat, Ankush and Sayantika has managed to measure up to their bits quite well. Sayantika has done a extremely smart job of taking part in the matter-of-fact Prachi, particularly once it involves scenes wherever she must specific (or rather, hide) her emotional turmoil on seeing her love,ami je ke tomar, Aditya, falling for Esha. Ankush and Nusrat, too, show smart chemistry and manage to urge their expressions bang on during this drama involving intense emotions.


ami je ke tomar full movie download 720p

These 2 bloopers apart, the treatment of the film is, thankfully, not extraordinary. We’re thus tired of that when sitting through many ultra-loud south remakes! in reality, most a part of Ami Je Ke Tomar (sounds hauntingly just like Hum Apke Hain Kaun, doesn’t it?) bears uncanny likeness to the initial, together with the gap song-and-dance sequence and Ankush’s outfits and his facial fuzz towards the tip. And yes, the songs might are simply recorded in Asian country.ami je ke tomar, It’s quite displeasing to ascertain the characters outlay a fortune on fare and visas simply to travel and dance in Europe!

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But all same and done, despite the now-known failings of remakers, i’d powerfully advise you to look at this film. it’ll take you back to it Karan Johar quite mush, with associate degree Imtiaz Ali bit of relationship and a touching twist within the ‘tail’ with smart performances else. simply take on popcorn for 2, and if there’s a crier on board, associate degree extra-large piece of cloth.ami j k tomar full movie download.


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